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Our role in Perch is to conduct our own studies, while learning from researchers and experts around the world. The best sources of information often come to life through stories from workers on a factory floor, a forgotten academic publication or from observing interactions between people.


Furniture and product design are the final steps in our process, where years of contemplating and soul searching begin to crystallise. Before we ever think about an end-product, we have observed and researched human behaviour and movement to gain new critical insights, as inspiration.


The furniture market is saturated with products, but the needs of the working human remain unanswered. Perch exists to bring new, fresh thinking and relevant solutions to the world.


We are designers, with an insatiable thirst for elegance, beauty and problem solving.


Perch was founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 2009 and here we remain - in the dynamic, pulsating city of culture


Selected Work

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Established in 2016, Grey Fox is a collaboration between Thomas Montgomery Ltd, a respected multi-generation manufacturer, Walls to Workstations (W2W), a specialist interiors provider, and Perch Design, a leading research and design studio specialising in applied human movement.


Grey Fox is a research led operation whose ambition is to develop, produce and distribute high quality, humanised solutions for the 21st Century work-scape.  Using intelligent design, biophilic and circular economy principles our solutions are responsible, important and beautiful.


Our goal, in Grey Fox is to improve the lives of our end-users and become a global leader in Body Conscious Design.


Orangebox focuses on delivering innovation to our key market sectors. Smartworking - a portfolio of furniture focused on creating great collaborative workspace and Task Seating - where we aim to achieve the pre-eminent task chair for each market sector.


We are developing a completely new office chair solution, borne our of research in Perch, for Orangebox. The chair has been developed as a collaborative effort between Perch and the Development team in Wales.


Watch this space!

LABOFA A/S is a Danish furniture company specializing in the development and production of chairs and furniture for educational environments as well as public and private offices.


We have been working closely with Labofa since 2009 and have launched several new, cutting edge furniture collections, based around improving the working postures of students and adults in education.


We collaborate closely with Hans Thyge & Co, in Denmark in this partnership.

Silvercloud Health are dedicated to providing solutions that effectively help you manage the way you think, act and feel. Everything they do is informed by clinical expertise and over 10 years of research and testing. Their solution comprises a library of interactive and engaging programmes accessed via a flexible, user-friendly delivery platform.


We worked closely with Silvercloud to develop their new office space, paying close attention to the need for multi-height worksurfaces, community and Biophilia.

Tip Tap Tap provides early years educators with interactive school desks combined with a cloud-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Regular wooden school desks are embedded with touch sensing technology, which allows the school desk to act as an interface to the existing ICT infrastructure within the classroom i.e. (Whiteboard, PC, Tablet, Projector or TV).

We have designed and developed real technologies (kits, electronics systems, and sensor systems in the classroom) that help teachers and learners understand what is happening when people do Science Technology Engineering and MATH (STEM). We have worked with high schools, undergraduate engineering and masters courses in interaction design looking common patterns across all these different environments.


The results or work helps support teachers and learners, classrooms and STEM education overall. We have bridged the qualitative (human experience) and quantitative (sensor tracking and machine learning) to get a better understanding of learning and helped develop the field of multimodal learning analytics. Put another way: The project has resulted in different tools, processes, furniture that integrates learning analytics tools for practice-based STEM learning in real-world learning environments.


Practice-based Experiential Learning Analytics Research And Support (PELARS) is a project about learning and making. We are studying how people learn about science, technology and mathematics when they use their hands as well as their heads. A big part of the project is making more explicit the implicit practices of science teachers: “Lab demos” and hands-on experiments have been a big part of science teaching for as long as anyone can remember, but how to model and analyse these practice, while empowering teachers, is far less understood.


So, the PELARS project will find ways of generating “analytics” (data about the learning process and analysis of this data), which helps learners and teachers by providing feedback from hands-on, project-based and experiential learning situations.


Simon Dennehy - CEO

Philip Hamilton - Creative Director

In 2009, he founded Perch, to build on and commercialise the IP and design vision, which emerged from his MA, from NCAD. In October 2012, the RAY school furniture system was launched at the world's leading furniture fairs, Orgatec and Stockholm.


Simon is currently an adjunct lecturer in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, in NUI Maynooth, on their Design courses and also tutors on the NCAD Medical Device Design Masters course. He has worked as External Examiner to a design course in the Cork Institute of Technology and is a mentor with the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. Simon works, as an expert panellist with the NSAI (National Standards Association of Ireland) and has been contributing to the UK’s, FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) and the CEN's latest European Standards for school furniture, laboratory and technology equipment.


Simon has published his work in the Irish Ergonomic Society in 2009. He has presented work at the BINI, Bioengineering annual conference in Ireland in 2011 and also at the Dublin TEDx conference. In 2012, he spoke at the global, 'Interaction 12' conference, in Dublin, ELIA 2012 in Vienna and has won design awards at the IDI annual showcase. He is a panellist at this year's 100% design 2013, in London, at the request of FIRA. Simon has been awarded multiple, international accreditations for his design work, through the years.





Philip Hamilton is Creative Director of Perch with responsibilities for leading design and research activities into the field of Design for Applied Human Movement. He tries to push the creation of new products, systems and interactive experiences that influence, enhance and enable a better working lifestyle.


He has a deep desire to create meaningful and beautiful objects based on the needs of people. He holds a real fascination in the creation and building of a brands ethos and core values that permeate through all facets of the business to create long term success. Philip arrived in Perch having worked in London for Links of London where he designed jewellery, watch and accessory collections. The company achieved financial and acclaimed success for a number of their collections (Sweetie, Friendship, 20/20, Effervescence etc) along with licensing projects for London 2012 Olympics and McLaren Automotive.


Prior to this Philip worked as a Project Manager with Portwest creating industry leading garments in the work and sportswear sectors. This included full management of the creative process from the initial ideation through to production and on to sales and quality control. Philip holds a MA in Design from the Creative Academy, Milan, Italy and a BA in Industrial Design from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. Along with Philip’s work in Perch, he also Tutors in Maynooth University and the National College of Art and Design, along with mentoring for the DCCoI (Design and Crafts Council of Ireland).

Suzannah Vaughan - Office Manager

Suzannah has worked in Perch since the very beginning, as accounts and office manager. Her background in the creative arts, as a Glass Designer has seen her travel the world with exhibitions of her work and she regularly speaks about her work.


Suzannah is the glue that holds us together as a team, ensuring communication is open, the office is running smoothly and accounts are up to date.


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